Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bionic Man

Does anyone remember "The Six Million Dollar man"? I thought of that show as I was whipping the treadmill today. Because the roads are thawing and extremely wet, slushy, dangerous, the treadmill was the sane choice (not to say I am sane by any means). I decided to play so at 15 minutes in and warmed up I launched into my Bionic man routine! Starting at 6.7 mph I increased 0.1mph every seven minutes up to 7.3 mph. "We'll make him faster...stronger...
Oh well, I guess you had to be there. I'm up to 28.9 miles for the week already! It's possible I may touch 40! That's a lot of miles for me.
There are already beginning to be many competing forces for race dates. My desire is to run at least four races before the April 18th Marathon. Yet it is looking to be a challenge. The key, of course, is balance. I tend to become obsessed with things, like breaking four hours for the marathon!
The four hour mark is something I really want to break. I almost had it in Duluth in '05. But at 20 miles I crashed and burned, but I learned. Bass pro in '08 wasn't even close! But I learned. Now, discovering all these blogs, I am learning more and more about the art of racing a marathon. Thanks peeps!
Hope the roads are clear and the wind calm in your neck of the woods!

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