Friday, January 30, 2009

The ARRRGH factor

Sometimes it's frustrating trying to balance it all...As a competitive runner I train hard in order to race well. So I don't want anything messing with my plans!
I raced extensively back in 1986-1993. I had one first place finish (in age group) believe it or not! The chips fell in my favor that day! It was a 10k in the springtime. Yet I always avoided the Marathon. I ran lots of 1/2's, dozens of 5 and 10K's , but the marathon was out of the question. Why? Too foreboding? Maybe. Uncertainty? Maybe. Too chicken?....maybe.
Finally in '03 I decided to get it done. I ran a very hilly, cold weather marathon in 4:05+.
It was a big deal to me at the time. Little did I know how difficult it would prove to break four hours after that. Today I believe I am on track and have a great plan to get there, as long as I can beat the ARRRGH factor! Keep the balance Grasshopper!
I ran 5.0 miles today with 30 minutes of it at 9:09's. Felt like I could run forever- runners high kicked in and I felt like I was floating!
Hope it's going good for you. Races are just around the corner! Yaw Whoo!~!~

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