Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been thinking about my last Marathon and how I think I chickened out. Just like this week where my easy pace is faster than marathon pace. Thomas nailed me on it! My marathon pace in my mind needs to be 9:09's to break 4 hours. I can truly run a marathon pace faster than 9:09's. I'm leaning to 8:52 for a marathon pace.
In my last marathon I never, not once, attained to my marathon pace! Not one 9:09! I bonked terribly! I was way to conservative and timid. Because of my slow start I was never able to get settled into a pace. I struggled to say the least. This next marathon I'm going to be aggressive!
Today concludes the week. 26.7 total. Today 7.3 miles of rolling hills in 1:13.12. I am taking some advice I got from Rubbish Runner's blog. I ran the downhills fast. I'm going to prepare the quads for the next marathon! Hope the roads are clear in your neck of the woods. We've got winter storm warnings out for Monday and Tuesday! Peace

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Shilingi-Moja said...

I've had the same kind of issues with my half marathons. I can do some training runs at a faster pace than I end up racing -- and they feel better than the slower race pace. Strange. I've wondered if I suffer from race choking -- kind of like choking on a test.


     Oh my! The weather is spectacular! I managed another 30 minute run. So 5 short runs this week. Just kind of maintaining! Hope you are ...