Friday, January 23, 2009


The winter weather is coming back for an extended stay. That's alright. Nothing we can do about it anyway! I ran 4.8 easy today. This is my rest week. I, again, had to hold down the pace. I averaged 9:33's. I required two miles to warm-up today and those first miles were in 20:40 so my easy training zone seems to be faster than marathon pace. I'm somewhat encouraged by this recent result, my easy training pace improving, and I am beginning to believe I could break four hours for the marathon. One more easy run tomorrow, around 5+ miles then I'll launch into another four week block of training. Hope your run was good-peace


Love to Run said...

Mentally it sounds liek you are well on your way to breaking 4. Now you have to train the body to agree and come up with a good race strategy. Keep up the great work!

Thomas said...

If your easy zone is faster than marathon pace then your marathon pace is too slow.

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