Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes man

Today was another recovery run. I jogged 4.0 miles in39.26. My quads are still very sore. I guess the hills I ran Monday worked 'em. I have another run I call "Rivercut". Its an 8.5 miler with 9 real "good" hills on it and I'm thinking about running it next week. I can extend it to 12 pretty easy. I remember my last marathon and the way my quads fatigued by 18 miles. I am now certain that hill work will make me stronger. Remember I want to break 4 hrs.
I still plan on the track tomorrow and employing "The MP 400 push". I look for 10 reps, at least, at or close to 5k pace with a 400 recovery at MP. The weather looks to be fantastic-50's and sunny- so the track may be crowded.
Well Glastonbury Running is off to the Disney Marathon. He has trained very hard and smart. It will be neat hearing his race report.
Have a great run! Peace.

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