Friday, January 9, 2009

Track day

MSU track was a pretty busy but I was able to do my workout w/o bothering anyone. Baseballers, Footballers, Tracksters, all out today. The weather is great with upper 50's and a 20+mph SW wind. I did my planned MP 400 push, with a mile warm-up and stretching. I went out with a conservative pace. My goal was to push back the point of failure to maintain marathon pace. I didn't fall below the pace until recovery lap 15 so this is an improvement. I noticed the lactic acid build up around lap 11 but I kept pushing. The push lap times were not as good as the first workout but the overall time was a dramatic improvement! 2.02, 2.04, 2.02, 2.00, 2.05, 2.03, 2.07, 2.02, 2.01, 2.05. Overall 42:32.49-8:30's! Wow for me that's a great improvement.

I will tell you this particular work out is a real test of your mettle. I think speed work, period, is a test of your mettle. To go out there and suck wind, let the bear jump all over you, and risk injury, for what? To break four hours in the marathon that's what!

I am going to do a different work out next week. I will run some 400's at 5k or faster with a lap cool down. Then I will look at doing some Yasso's, then I will test myself with the MP400 push.

Sandy and I have a big night planned. Hope I can hold up. These sessions seem to zap me pretty good. One good thing, though? Even an old guy can get faster! Yee Haw!

Hope you have a great run! Peace


Frayed Laces said...

Wow way to rock it!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Good workout. I hate speed work which is really too bad since track intevals and hard tempo runs are very high-quality runs.


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