Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's cold outside!! What a difference from yesterday! From 65 degrees to 23 degrees, wind chill 13. I look to the positive; they say you burn more calories running in cold weather due to the body having to work harder to maintain heat. So off I go...usually into the wind first...enjoying the wonder and solace of running.
The quads are sore! I must be making gains. Tomorrow is rest so they will have a chance to recover by Monday. I am thinking 16 miles, flat, LSD, for Monday. The long run is crucial for marathon performance, but I think you can run them too slow. I am hoping to keep the pace controlled but for performance. We'll see? So 5.5 EZ today in 55:21- first mile 11:30 so my EZ pace is getting faster, too. I was running so easy I disassociated for quite a while. Thinking of all my responsibilities, etc. It was a delightful day! 30.5 for the week.
Off to "The Star Theater" tonight. My band is playing, we are the headliner. This is a cool gig because the people are great, the place is packed out, and it's a neat venue. Like an old movie theater, or opera house. Hope your time on the road is good-peace

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Shilingi-Moja said...

A 40° change from one day to the next is huge. We haven't had any low-20's temps since before Christmas but initial predictions are for low-mid teens for the end of next week. That should help me burn some calories!

Good 5.5 miler. Based on an article on the Runner's World site, low-intensity running (where the elites spend 70% of their time) is <60% VO2max (heartrate of <140 bpm for the elites). So long runs can be pretty slow. (See my blog post from sometime earlier this week.)


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