Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Battlefield Hills

I love this run called Battlefield Hills. There is a city side and a country side. Today I did the shortest version-10.4 miles- and I pushed the pace the whole way. There are six very "good" hills on this run and I pushed it on every one. It was a triple whammy, pace, hills, and distance, and I completed it in 1:39.33-9.34's- I am really happy with this time! Truly a great improvement for me and very encouraging. The hill segments are really tough. The hills are long and steep so if I run a flat long run I wonder...
Man my quads were sore!! Even with three off days the track day was still having effect, although the ankle is better!
I am really looking forward to track day this week. I sure hope I can get on w/o bothering anyone. I want to work on my new idea "The MP 400 push"
The weather is cold but the wind, for once, is calm, so it was a wonderful day on the roads!
As I was running I was planning my training for the April 11th marathon. I am considering a three week taper. I wonder what others have learned about the best taper strategy?
Have a great run! I hope you have a route like Battlefield Hills. Peace!

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