Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Virus' abound this time of year. I am constantly washing my hands, especially after Sundays. I greet so many people and shake many, many hands I am bound to catch the little virus that's going around. Yesterday I was around 75% so I didn't even try to run but just rested, my head was throbbing and nose running. Today I will go out and put in as many miles as I can. I have decided on a marathon April 11 right here in Springfield. That makes it easier on Sandy and doesn't require me to take a week off.

I have been cooking some new ideas about training. I know the long run is crucial so I will continue with those, I believe knowing marathon pace is essential so I will train for that at the track. I know that strength is needed so I will do hills. I know that diet is underrated (in my mind) so I will seek to improve the diet so muscles will perform better.

If anyone has some suggestions for a diet that helps prevent muscle cramping during the marathon I would appreciate ideas. I got tore up after mile 18 by cramps last marathon!

Have a great run today! Peace

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