Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dream

I'm gonna' throttle back this week. I, unfortunately but necessarily, have to go for a preventive medical procedure we over fifties have to do, yuk! So as of right now I'm fasting and as of 4:30 tomorrow the Doc will be doing some intestinal exploring...again..yuk!
Things have worked out so I can let up on mileage this week. I was able to put in 36.0 last week which is good for me, and I plan on still running five days but all of them easy runs. Today was 4.1 miles in 38:14-9:19's. Best mile at 8:50. I felt real good and this would be my ultimate goal marathon pace.
Today I had opportunity to watch Martin Luther King's Aug. '63 speech again. What a gifted leader and orator! Amazing! People, I'm telling you this man was extraordinary when it comes to communicating and leadership! Course you already know that but man I am so amazed by his giftedness! My heart was stirred again as I heard this speech. What a dream! I think in many ways his dream is being fulfilled, I was wondering what he would be thinking if he were alive today? Yet in many ways we are dealing with extremes never seen in this generation. Oh how we need leaders such as MLK!
Well, the sun is shining!! Better weather ahead! Peace-

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