Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Redball Jets!

The Asics GT 2140's proved their reputation to me as a great running shoe. I was a Nike Air Max guy for years until I discovered the Kayano's. Recently the Kayanos have been aggravating my forefoot area, could be just the particular pair I was dealt, but I opted to try the 2140 because of reviews concerning the additional forefoot area. Proved to be true! They felt great, smooth ride, I could run faster, jump higher, ( remember red balls?) and the forefoot room is for real.

Great day today! Too bad I'm benched-peace

1 comment:

Poiema said...

I hadn't thought about red-ball jets for a long time. Got some when I was a kid, and was sooo disappointed that they didn't help me jump any higher. I'm 52 now~~ isn't it amazing how those commercials leave an imprint in the memory?

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