Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hills and Valleys

  I will keep pushing! I do enjoy heat running.....I believe it pays big dividends if you survive! Today, the heat really knocked me down as I barely was able to keep running. Of course our high humidity was an additional culprit. I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I love it...but the heat can slow you down. So I made another 40 minite run and continue on my quest for another marathon. Peace!


Marlene said...

There is no question that the heat/humidity will slow us down. I don't love it like you do (unless I am near a pool or lake which sadly is not often enough!) but I keep re-assuring myself that it will make me stronger.

lindsay said...

Be safe in the heat! One of the possible culprits for my heart-stuff is electrolyte levels. So be safe out there :)


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