Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outdoor Wedding!

  Today I get to perform an outdoor wedding! The scene is beautiful! Lakefront.....cattails, Geese, shimmering waters....a neat place. It'll be hot in my black suit!!!
  I managed to get in a run before lunch. Very wonderful! Enjoying our heat! I finished out this week running every day with a total of 23.62 miles. I just need about 4 more weeks like this then I could start a training cycle?! Had to stop at Lowes and buy bird seed, garden hose, and trash bags. I made a new employee, struck up a conversation and talked for about 20 or 30 minutes. I was encouraging her in her life...a single mother of two, age 27, working long hours without much hope...I hope I lifted and encouraged her heart today! Hope you have a great weekend! Peace


Marlene said...

I love outdoor weddings! I hope it was a wonderful day for all.

Great job on the mileage this week! You're strong & steady.

lindsay said...

I wenT to an outdoor wedding Saturday in Knoxville! It was very hot. Hope your weather was a little nicer :) I am sure it was a beautiful ceremony!

I know I always feel "touched" when a nice stranger says something to me - I am sure you had a positive impact on this woman.


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