Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Long run(?)

So I put 70 minutes (6.58 miles)down on the roads today. Trying to run easy and smooth. I took my hand held filled with water due to the heat and just cruised at an easy pace. No matter the direction I go out here I have no choice but to run hills. They do take their toll yet they also obviously have a training effect. I am getting stronger little by little...I am beginning to learn how to run hills and how to enjoy them? Strange I know. This week is shaping up good as I've run 4 times and have logged 17.68 miles already. Two more runs this week; easy 40 minutes tomorrow and some pick-ups Saturday. Hope all is well with you!  Peace!

1 comment:

lindsay said...

nice job! i can't avoid hills either -- unless i just run 2 miles or less. hills make you stronger though, right? keep charging them.


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