Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marathon Training?

If I were to run the "Route 66" marathon Oct 2nd that gives me 17 weeks. Sitting here with no long runs in months...a 3 week base of 20+ mile weeks....I know I'm really in trouble! However; it is possible!! I believe I could at least run it "decently". I wonder what you think?
  Yesterday I ran 5.4...today I did 13Xshort hills....the short hill is a tenth of a mile. I am feeling good...still carrying too much fat but it's dissipating...I will probably run 40 minutes tomorrow and see where I stand after that run in terms of weekly miles and how the body is feeling. I think I'll give it a try.....btw if anyone out there is interested in running this Marathon Sandy and I will put you up in a real nice spare room, private bathroom, and a tour of Bass Pro..!Peace!


racing dawn said...

17 weeks? Easy peasy. Totally doable. Sign up. You'll be more than decent. :)

Marlene said...

My instinct is that the half is a better choice BUT if only you know what you can handle, and if your gut tells you that this is the year for another marathon, then go for it!

I look forward to following along on the journey either way. :)

lindsay said...

well now that invitation is tempting! i am all about crossing off my 50 states and meeting bloggers along the way :)

i am not sure yet what my fall racing plans are but i willkeep this one in mind!


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