Friday, June 17, 2011

When I'm Sixty-four

Great Beatles song! I am a big Beatles fan, btw...I was wondering today about the significance of that number? Surprisingly true there are bench mark age barriers that usher us into new chapters in life...@ 16 I began driving....lots of new experiences (ahem) 21 a new privilege or two (ahem)...interestingly the age of 53 is a benchmark in the Ministry....after that age it gets much harder to find a church....don't ask me why it's just the demographics...too bad, though....way to often people go by what's on the outside, how one looks, how many diplomas one has.....often character is overlooked and that is an error....but what about 64? I am turning a year this next Wednesday...closer to that time...will ya still need me? will ya still feed me? I wonder if I will still be able to run? O well...not to worry! I have thoroughly enjoyed today's run!!! 40 minutes with 6X1min @ HM pace....rackin' up miles this week! 18.9 so far and one more run to go. Hope you are well!Peace!

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Marlene said...

Age is just a number - you're as young as you feel! It may be cliche, but it's true!


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