Monday, November 3, 2014

Bass Pro 2014 Race Report

  Everything fell into place in this race! Even though the time, 4:35.30, looks slower to me it isn't my PW. And it's what I expected. The wind was blustery out of the south and we had to eat it for much of the race...this was wearisome!
  The race started with 560 marathoners and 1700+ Half Marathoners, so it was a bit crowded. This was good because it kept me from going too fast.
  My plan was called "Marks run" and I kept repeating that phrase in order to keep focused. 9 minutes of running and one minute walking. I did this all the way to mile 25. I wanted to run an even pace and be strong the whole way. I will list my splits for my records. I did a positive split- first 1/2 split-2:16.23- finished-2:19.07.
  The fastest mile was a 9:49 and the slowest an 11:21, ( had to go of course for an emergency).
  At around mile 15 I began to pass people! This continued the rest of the way! People were bonking and walking. I was strong and steady knocking off my consistent 10+'s.
  I began to hurt around mile 23- (11:14) but pulled out of it by repeating the phrase! Mile 26 was a 10:15!
  The finish was uneventful....the fellow calling out names skipped mine-had to go hunt up my own medal and shirt...there was plenty of chocolate milk though!
  The course was okay...some hills, the volunteers fantastic, the relay seemed to be a I finished one of the relay teams was celebrating on the course in front of us as we tried to cross the finish line...
  Usually at this time I will make plans for the next race. I worked really hard for this race. Everything fell in place. I ran the best I possibly could.  I learned a lot in marathon number 7! Now I am thinking about what's next? I am a runner....

Mile splits Bass Pro 2014- Garmin-26.46 miles-4:35-30-10:24's

1-10:55, 2-10:25, 3-10:09, 4-10:00, 5-10:22, 6-10:25, 7-9:54, 8-10:00, 9-9:49,
10-10:20, 11-10:15, 12-11:21, 13-10:00 14-10:35, 15-10:22, 16-10:20,
17-10:08, 18-9:57,  19-10:40, 20-11:09, 21-10:37, 22-10:51, 23-11:14, 24-10:24,
25-10:35, 26-10:15,   last .46-9:10

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