Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Base Pace

  I need to note that all my treadmill runs are run at 1 on the incline. This is equal to running on a track....flat.
  I have been very hungry! With watching every calorie and not snacking...at all!.. I have heard my tummy grumble more than ever!
  I don't want to get unhealthy? I have been living in the deficit....burning more than taking in...I must lose the fat!! Today I ran across a little bag of whoppers at the church...I picked them up...oh man....and I said no! I put them down!!!!
  When you realize how much it takes to burn a calorie you start saying no! I spent some time looking for a marathon to run...Little Rock in March or Frisco in April. We will see.
  One thing for sure....this idea is working. My heels are not burning or hurting...they are healing!
  58 minutes on the mill....@ base pace...5.32 miles. Tomorrow I hope to knock off 59 minutes...depends on how I feel. Today I was sluggish and weak until 48 minutes then I felt great! Peace!


Johann said...

Well done! All very positive and looking good. Keep it going!

Marlene said...

Good for you with the willpower. There are temptations everywhere this time of year!


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