Wednesday, November 30, 2011


  So I continue to be driven....up and at work by 6:50 this morning....after a really nice time reading my Bible...Psalm 80 really helped to encourage me....I have found after 12 1/2 years as a Pastor that this job is kinda like the Maytag repair man...lonely!
  So I finally hit the mill by 3 O'clock and by minute 17 was warmed and up to 6.3 mph. I held this pace for 21 minutes then upped to 6.4 and held for 10:30, then 6.5 for 5:15, 6.6 the rest of the way to 59 minutes today. I hit six treadmill miles right at 59 minutes. Felt good, ran easy and with good form. I continue to deny calories! Only eating the three meals. I can see the weight loss in my face and notice the belt having to go up a notch...this encourages and motivates.
  I am driven! I will reach 172! So I have put in 174 treadmill running minutes this week, I have easily burned over 2700 calories....I hope the treadmill doesn't fry!!! Peace!

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Tim F said...

That is great! Keep up the great running!


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