Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Run #27...fat-burner

  So I am into week five of my plan to get the pounds off...I want to get from 186 to 172. 170 would be really wonderful, though!
  It's important to vary the runs on the mill just like we do on the roads. Today was specifically a "fat-burner". You arrive to the edge of your conversation pace and put in the time. Today I found 5.6-5.8 mph as the pace. At about 13 minutes I had a good sweat going and I stayed strong all the way to 55 minutes.  I am very encouraged today because I have "run" over 15 TM miles so far this week and the tendons feel fine! Plus the mid-section is melting away!
  Tomorrow will be tough! I will have to resist the old eating habits!! I plan on continuing counting calories and ending the day with a deficit...that's how you lose the stinkin' fat!
  I am already planning on my re-entrance to road running but I have to remain disciplined! Happy Turkey day!! Peace!


Johann said...

Way to go on the treadmill. That is something I can't do. All the best with the fat loss program. Keep it going!

Marlene said...

Excellent fat-burning run! I wish I could tolerate my treadmill for up to an hour.


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