Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Brutal Reality

   So what's been up with Mark? I got bummed out because the Achilles tendinitis came back..... So what did I do? Pouted....then began to face the reality. Truth is I have extra weight that I carry every run. I needed to get serious about losing the weight before I "really" train.
  So maybe....just maybe, if I eliminate the hills and shed 14 pounds I could race again? That is my hope, anyway. So how? Well I am now into week #5 of my plan to get to "training weight".
  My plan is to burn more calories than I take in and continue to "run". I have been tread milling! I am motivated to lose pounds!! It's happening!!! I can tell by my jeans! Taking the belt up a notch!!
   I started with 30 minutes and have added 1 minute a day with the exception of speed work days.  I have developed several treadmill training runs. For instance today I did 54 minutes. I did an easy warm up gradually increasing mph to 6.3 by the 18 minute mark. Then I set in and did 36 minutes at this pace.
  I am specifically focused on burning calories but continue to practice pace and form. The treadmill is proving to be less traumatic and I think this may be the answer. If I could get back to 172lbs I believe that will help the tendons.
  For the sake of blogging and perhaps interest I will begin to post my treadmill runs. I know people say the treadmill is boring....really? If you know how to think then the treadmill is perfect! No dogs, cars, etc....you can think! I do anyway.
  So I have a secret dream....to run another marathon at racing weight..172 here I come! Peace!!!

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Marlene said...

Good to hear from you! Nothing wrong with the treadmill if it's serving its purpose - keep at it!!


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