Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road warrior

  A good Summer day today with temps back in the 80's coupled with sun and humidity...YES!! It's great for training!!
   So I've decided to race in a 5K this Saturday. It's for a good cause and not supposed to be hilly...."gently rolling" is part of the description. With that decision I need to adjust my training. I am fresh off a debilitating injury so I will cut miles instead of add. Right now I'm at 16.2 for the week, so with a Thursday run and  Saturday race I will probably come up with 24+total for the week. That is acceptable considering the efforts so far this week.
  Today I did my structured Fartleks: 8 x 1min @ 3K pace..1 min rest between, with one mile warm/cool.
  I felt like a road warrior today! Conquer the roads! Take the hills and own the downs! I actually had some impressive times for me.....I believe I can break'd think?
  Here are the pace/splits for my archives: 6:55, 7:04, 7:23, 7:02, 6:56, 7:23, 7:10, 6:59. The last interval I pretended I was kicking it in holding off a challenge. I had fun!!!
  These times signify an improvement!!! This should give younger folks hope!! We can still get better!!!
 Hope your week is going well!!! Peace!


Emz said...

Awesome speed!

You've got 24, I know it!

Marlene said...

You're in great shape. Go get it at the 5K!

racing dawn said...

Keep hope alive! For sure you can break 24! Go get em!

lindsay said...

I hope you do break 24 this weekend :) Your running gives everyone hope - not just to improve/get faster but also to recover from injury and run year after year.


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