Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good bye my sweet Summer!!!

 So we must face facts, Summer is gone and Fall is now here (as of 10:50pm). Yes, I love Summer, the long days, warm nights, easy livin', profuse sweating, catfish are jumpin', yada yada yada....
  I took off three days in a row!! There's a rule of thumb that you should rest one day for each mile raced but I rarely adhere to such a rule. This time I did, I needed some rest. I took a nap yesterday instead of running!
  Today it's time to get back to training. I decided on a short hard hills effort. I found myself working hard and feeling good. I did notice my lower quads were sore? I remember during the last mile of the race Saturday I felt fatigue there so I think that's a good sign! Thanks for your kind, encouraging words about my race. I am somewhat discouraged about my times but I've not lost heart. I will continue the course!
  Today, 3.6 miles/34:29/9:34's Peace!


Emz said...

Bring on hilly Autumn!!

Great run!!

Marlene said...

I am thrilled that Fall is here. Love the brisk air, crunchy leaves and pumpkins! :)

Good for you taking the rest when you knew you needed it.

Johann said...

Sometimes I just know I need to rest. This usually includes some extra sleep. Here in my world I'm saying hallo me sweet Spring!!!

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