Saturday, January 14, 2012


  I pigged out big time last night! I had a real big baked potato with butter and sour cream, cole slaw, and four big strips of fried catfish with tartar sauce, then ice cream to boot! However; I woke up starving!! Had some oatmeal with my Chia seed mixed in....still starving....went to store....about died from starvation! Sitting here typing...stomach growling! Down 11 pounds!! Fight...fight...fight!
  Sandy is making dinner early....lasagna! I will eat!
  I took it easy today, 40 minutes, 4.19 miles with 1 mile @ 5K pace (7.8mph). I felt real smooth and strong during the 5K pace mile and I know I could of gone further but want to save energy....
  I finished my week out with 331 minutes on the treadmill, logging 34 treadmill miles, and dropping another pound!
  I talked to Sandy about my race schedule this year. I am looking at three races. A 25K in Feb, a HM in March, and a Marathon in April.
  I am going to begin transitioning to the roads next week, if weather permits,  with one short run.....test the waters...hope you have a great day! Peace!


Terri said...

Great way to fight through it Mark! Great job also on the 11lb loss! I am working on shedding a few myself. Look forward to hearing about your race schedule!

Marlene said...

Glad you enjoyed your treat meal!

Hunger is hard to fight. Especially at the grocery store!!! Way to stay strong!

Jill said...

Oh man, I go through those days where I just cannot get enough food! Great job with the 11 lbs, keep being strong, Mark!!

Anne said...

These must be small races if you can still wait to register. I'm all for that!


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