Friday, January 13, 2012

Rest easy

  So another day on the ole' treadmill. I keep working towards my goal of going down 14 pounds. I am knocking on the 175 door as of today, down 11, however I am going out tonight with friends to a local cafe that has a Friday night "all you can stuff in" catfish night. Oh baby...fried food heaven!! I will say my body is crying out for calories! So if I eat a lot no biggy because my body needs the calories!
  I have had a good week so 60 minutes 5.4 miles...a good easy run. I could have held the pace forever! So tomorrow I hope to run some quality miles.
 Tomorrow I will do a speed session of prob only 4 X 1/4 miles at or a little faster than 5K.  Hope you have a great weekend! Peace!

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