Thursday, January 12, 2012


  So today is a good day to treadmill! It has snowed and the wind is horrific! Winter has reminded us of its presence!!
  I am down a solid 10 pounds and I really believe I could drop another 10 which would take me to a svelte 165....however; I'll not obsess over this one way or the is basically a lifestyle I am choosing. One of healthy eating choices and not taking in more calories than I need!
  Recently Sandy and I had to eat out so we opted for a nice local restaurant and we both had salads....I noted a sign that said "all you can eat Tuesdays!"
  Isn't that so indicative of our thinking in this country? Consume more than you need! Eat until you can't eat anymore! Man I used to love buffets!!!
  So today I did 3 X 1 mile @ 10K pace, finished with 5.4 miles in 50:10. I'm continuing to crank out the quality miles and finding that the weight change is noticeable! I'm pumped! I sure hope I will be able to transition back to the roads soon....until then treadmillin' baby! Peace!

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