Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mental Toughness?!

   I wonder if the ability to run on a treadmill in a garage, with no media, and only a phone in case of an emergency call, for long periods of time is a way to train mental toughness? It can be difficult to stay interested! However; I am currently driven!
   Yesterday I took the day off not because I wanted to really, but I actually only had one hour of free time throughout the entire day from 5:30am to 9:30pm! It was a packed out day of ministry!! I always tell people be thankful you are busy! It beats the alternative!
  Today is a bit different. I have some time available so I put in a 70 minute GA (general aerobic) run. Finishing out at 7.01 miles. That's a total of 180 minutes so far this week and 19.01 treadmiles! I'm closing in on the 10 pound total of weight drop. That is a huge amount of weight! And in all reality I beat'cha I could lose another 10!
   I wish I had some pics to post before and's difficult to tell anyway, most people thought I was skinny to begin with and even though I've dropped 10lbs no one has noticed except Sandy because she sees me........

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Marlene said...

Agreed, better to be busy than sitting there like a bump on a log.

Great mileage so far this week, and woohoo for nearly 10 lbs!

I finally found some motivation and got the scale moving in the right direction again - phew. Thanks for the inspiration!


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