Friday, January 27, 2012


   Funny how the body responds to training. Down close to twelve pounds, with legs more muscular than I remember, with a desire to achieve a goal...I am seeing improvement! Today was a simple recovery pushing but simply recovering and keeping a nice form. This was such an easy run! I felt like I could go forever! 60 minutes 5.61 miles.
  I am having a real good week so far concerning my running. Up to 323 minutes total already! I am going to run some 1/4 mile repeats tomorrow at 3k pace (7:20's). Don't know how many yet....I am really excited about next week! A recovery week! On Monday, usually long run day, I am going to run a 5K time trial on the treadmill. I will try to break 24 minutes. Hope you have a great weekend! I had a very busy week! Probably put in 60hrs of work with Sunday still ahead! Not complaining...nope....glad I have the influence and purpose I am blessed with! Peace!

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Terri said...

You are blessed! Sounds like the training is going so well Mark! Looks like all that hard work is paying off.


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