Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speed session

   Had to trim down the planned workout due to the need to save energy.......
I did a 4 x 1/4 mile, 2 x 3/8 mile all @ 3K pace (8.1mph 7:24's 1 degree incline)
 Totals were 45 minutes 4.69 treadmiles. Finished week with 378 minutes and 38.00 treadmiles. Everything feels good....the feet, ankles and achilles do tighten up a little if I rest or sit down but no biggy. I am still thinking about racing'll be an interesting experience to go from TM to roads! I have almost attained my goal of losing 14 pounds, too! Hope you have a great weekend!! Go Tigers!! Down with Duke! A Niece of mine likes Duke so I pick on her! Peace!!

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