Sunday, January 1, 2012


 My life is incredibly packed and busy.....adding something is hard, traveling is often for relief and restoration so running races proves to be a low priority, not that I want it to be so, but that is the reality. So the solution is to nail down some races and have the courage to run them. For three months I've been treadmilling like a rabid dog! I've lost 8 pounds. I intend to lose more. I've seen cardio fitness improve. Now I need to begin to add outdoor runs and transition slowly. My mileage (treadmiles) is in the mid thirty a week range for three weeks. I will probably hold here for a little while and begin to increase the long/progression run while decreasing training days to 5 from the current 6. Although I feel I could run every day! Not wise at this ripe old age!
  So for the sake of accountability I will make my decisions about races and put them out in the blog....I have a dream of running a 3:59:00 marathon. I know I can do it....I hope you have a great 2012!! Peace

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