Monday, January 2, 2012

LP run

   I am planning on cutting down time on treadmill (TOT) this week. However; I will still continue to increase Monday's runs until I get to a long run (17 or more miles).
  I am making these runs faster than the traditional LDS runs. Today I did 100 minutes and 10.61 treadmiles.
   I warmed up for 30 minutes and had 2.75 miles...then began an increase of pace every minute by .1mph to 7mph (or my HM desired pace). I held this pace for 31 minutes, then went to 6mph and increased by .1mph every two minutes back to 7mph, then decreased by .1mph every minute until I was done. I felt really good and haven't run this well in a long long time. I'm a lot thinner and stronger than I've been in ages. I know it's not the road, though. My hearts desire is to get back out there and enjoy! It'll happen!
  I've been looking at the race calendar. April 28th there is a local marathon, March 31st there is a HM nearby, and in Feb there is a I've no excuses! I just need to decide and be firm in my decision. Hope it's well with you! Peace!

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