Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Sensitive

  Maybe I'm a baby? I am super sensitive to every little tweak in my body. I probably have not done well in cutting down this week. Longest run yet 10.61 on Monday, 3 X 1K @ 8mph Wednesday....tweaked ham and runs Thursday and today @ 6.3mph. I did lots of stretching and also walked outside 1.5 miles yesterday and the tweak seems to be working out. I probably need to reel it in a tad. I am making great progress on my weight loss! I am pretty steady at 177 right now. That's a 9lb loss!
  I continue to count calories.....although I will splurge tonight!! Goin' out!
 30 minutes today and 3.04 treadmiles. Peace!!


Marlene said...

Enjoy the splurge meal... those taste so much better when you've been watching the calories!!

DawnB said...

congratulations on the pounds lost keep up the good work

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