Saturday, January 7, 2012

MP and rest

  Over doing is my nature. If I could just learn moderation!!! I am forcing myself to cut back! Today the tweaked back and leg is feeling much better. I am stretching and rolling and strengthening in order to prevent injury. I've logged 10 consecutive weeks of 20 or more miles (treadmill) and 4 of thirty or more. I am down 9lbs! That makes a difference!
  177 is a nice figure and Sandy even said today she's noticed the loss around my waist. My goal is 172 but I'd take my high school weight! 157!! Ha!
  My record of 20 or more miles in consecutive weeks is 60. I did that back in 1986-87.
 So I'm not trying to break that streak! However; I really want to get back on the roads! I will stick with my plan though....when I get to 172 pounds I will strategize my return to the roads.  
   Today I walked 1.5 miles outside with Sandy then ran 30 minutes with 23 minutes at 6.6 mph or MP. Covered 3.22 treadmiles and finished the week with 300 minutes.
  Hope you have a great week! Peace

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Marlene said...

I hear you on the struggle with moderation. I have yet to figure that one out!

You are on a great streak - run smart!

Congrats on the weight loss! I fear I have gained what you've lost...


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