Friday, January 20, 2012


 So my 11 lb loss is not obvious to anyone except Sandy, because she sees me...but today as I ran on the treadmill it is obvious! I decided on a hard effort today. Mile repeats. I was going to do 4 X 1 mile at 8min per mile/7.5mph. After the first two I decided to do  1 X 2 mile @ 7.5mph....or 8min mile pace, I didn't suck air! I was right above the lactate threshold the whole time! Very encouraging and a strong indicator that my body is responding to the training. So I finished out with a total of 60 minutes and 6.5 treadmiles. I am having a good week training wise...have a great weekend! Peace!

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lindsay said...

11 lbs - that's awesome! and "feeling" the improvement in your running is very uplifting. keep on chugging away!

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