Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Eagle followed by a triple!

Had a great round yesterday! Broke into the 70's again! I had an Eagle on the back nine par five! Only my third one ever...then on the next hole I have a monster tee shot! Feeling real confident I proceed to shank the next shot!! UGLY!! I finished that hole with a triple bogey! UGH!
Such is life! Same with can have a great season, everything is clicking, only to have some sort of shank (sideways event) come along and put you back in your place.
I am dealing with a loss, well, lots of losses right now, but the loss of a racing season specific to my running reality. But! I feel like I'm making the turn. Three weeks of a solid base camp under my belt. I will continue at 30 minutes a run for five times a week. This doesn't amount to much in miles but it is much in my eyes! I am running nearly pain free. I feel a little burn at times but it's better than it's been in nearly a year!
So 30 minutes of Strong running today! I saw again...the Garmin said.....I was going @ 7:50's every so often!? Maybe I could get at least a 5K in before long? Peace!


Suzy said...

Oh, the joys of golfing. Doesn't it always happen that great hole followed by a bad one?! Congrats on being up to 30 minutes of strong running!

Jamie said...

Golfing and running can be very similar. Congrats on the eagle! And yea for pain free running!

lindsay said...

i wouldn't even say seasons of running! from one day to the next can be a big change in good/bad.

Anne said...

I know very little about golf, but it sounds like you are doing well while you continue to "cross train." And I hope the change in shoes does the trick, city-farm boy.


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