Friday, June 18, 2010

Success is in the Approach!

Today was one of those days! One that left a vivid memory of mankind and how we are as a people. I officiated a funeral. It's a tough role and also an opportunity to be a blessing. It was a military funeral. Very dear to me as my Dad was a WWII Vet.
So I greet a Veteran all dressed in his uniform just before the funeral begins. I thank him for his biggy right?
Services are good and as I'm leaving the interment service this same Vet comes after me saying.."I want to talk to you!" He says, "Don't forget the families!" The way he said it was in a negative attacking approach as if he was saying..."you forget the families of the military...shame on you!"
I said, "What?" He said, " you ought to thank my wife!" I thought "is this guy crazy!"
He continued his speech and I said, "I try to remember all people." and I walked off. Wow! I'm telling you I was mad! What if I'd not even thanked him? He had no idea of what our church does for the military! What if he'd approached me in a different way? A positive approach like, " the families of the military are often forgotten, could you please remember them for me?" Funny thing..the theme of my talk was to love and respect other people! I guess either I failed to be clear or he didn't hear!
So, I got over it but man it frosted my pumpkin! Life lesson: Good communication is all in the approach! Be kind!
I went out for a nice 30 min run in the heat. I have some good news....The heel did not burn at all!!!! I am definitely healing!! I have 5 weeks now of base camp. I am thinking about a slight increase in time soon. Peace!!

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5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Wow! Sorry you got attacked like that. Who knows what was truly bothering this man but the way he approached you was not effective. =/
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, and thanks for the prayers for my dad and my family. It truly means a lot to me.


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