Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fly attack!!

40 minutes today!! I popped off one good mile, too. The heel only spoke briefly and mildly...I do need to be cautious. I really want to go long distances! I so miss my 16-22 milers! I am likely to push's in my nature. I will resign myself to no marathon this year. However; why couldn't I run a 5K?
I think I will plan on running one in the early fall. I think I will train specifically for a 5k! Something I've done one time. 1993, I trained specifically to break 20 minutes. I did it!!!
I think I will train to break 24 minutes....see how much I've slowed!! Only prob? This will require speed work.
So far 110 minutes in this week. Only need 40 more! Today I experienced the worst black fly attack ever! I mean they swarmed me as I was running....must've been 8-10 of the little buggers!
On another note; Good luck in Seattle, Marlene!! Peace!


Jamie said...

Good luck finding a fun 5K! watch out for those nasty flies!

Anne said...

Those flies will get you every time. They love the sweat.

I'm with you - concentrating on running shorter distances, but faster than if I were still training for marathons. The 5k needs to make a comeback.


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