Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This rotten sinus headache is hanging on! I very rarely, if ever get sick, but this week I've been battling a sinus problem. I don't like to take meds because they knock me for a loop, low tolerance for drugs, etc! So I went out into the midday heat to sweat it out! 40 minutes of running, I'm on track to get my 150 minutes in this week by Friday. So far so good this week in regards to the heel.
Going Bluegrassin' this weekend. I enjoy these festivals. The sounds of Banjos, Fiddles, Guitars, Mandolins, Bass, wafting through the hills is a delight to my soul. Hope you are doing well, peace!


Ted said...

Hope you feel better dude !

Meg said...

Get well, rest, these things have a way of staying on if you don't rest!
Banjos? Megster doesn't do those...but they do remind me of my Arkansas days!

Marlene said...

I hope you were able to sweat out of of that BLAH sickness.

have fun at the Festival!

jel said...

hope ya feeling better,

have a good time this weekend sounds like fun! :)

lindsay said...

Feel better mark! Sinus headaches/trouble really sidelines me, hope you are tougher. Have a great time at the festival!


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