Monday, June 28, 2010

What defines greatness?

I know that I often might sound "preachy" but I love the truths about leadership and I love to share what I've discovered. The truths of life are so varied, everyone has a belief or a truth, and often they are a result of childhood experience, upbringing, or accident!
One of the greatest truths is the result of true humility. The exact opposite of pride or arrogance. Example; how many of you like to be around the know-it-all, or the braggart? How many of you appreciate someone who actually listens to you when you speak?
True greatness in living will be discovered when you find the power of humility! Think about it!
Today I am so pumped!! My achillies is doing so well! I was able to knock off some real quality miles today!! I have to still be very careful and not increase yet! I have a sense that I could fall right back into injury if I push things. 31:24 minutes today, I was running some sub nines consistently!! I am on vacation!!!!!! I'm off to the golf course....a true test in humility!! Peace!


Meg said...

Well spoken, Mark. Listen, decrease, pay attention.
Have a fun golf day and stay well!

Marlene said...

Listening is so important and too often overlooked.

Glad to hear the miles are going well!

Anne said...

I could use a lesson in humility. I keep nodding during the lectures but not really studying my notes. Thanks for the great reminder of how important that trait is.


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