Monday, June 21, 2010

Runner envy!

Yep, a dude slowed down today in his air conditioned vehicle, rolled down the window and commented on how he was envious of me...that I could run in this heat (96 degrees!). I managed to increase his envy by stating that I would be 55 tomorrow. He drove off shaking his head saying again..."I envy you!" Wow! No way! Someone envies me?! He doesn't have a clue!

Yet physical fitness is worked for! Life Leadership principle: The easy way often robs us of the best way. Truth- the vast majority of Americans are physically unfit! Why? The easy over hard principal that exists. I saw a little chipmunk carrying a walnut the other day! What a funny sight! He carried that thing all the way across our property! Why? Because his survival is up to him! I think many people exist dependant upon someone else to provide for their survival...note how people like to blame others for failure...we are each one responsible for our own existence...I choose the best over the'll find me carrying the walnut!

30 sweet minutes of running...I could increase but I will resist for at least two more weeks.....peace!


Marlene said...

What a nice compliment for the day.

Happy Early Birthday!!

And I like the new look.

Anne said...

Happy birthday tomorrow, Mark!

I think you cracked the nut on the blame game and people depending on others for their survival.

Love to Run said...

Happy Double Nickles!

Perhaps some golf to celebrate? 55 Holes? Ok, maybe not that many.

lindsay said...

happy late birthday! love that he stopped to say he wished he could be out running. i know when i see people out running i think of how i am jealous of them!! (especially when i am on the way to work haha)


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