Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recovery run...

  So if I plan on maintaining this motivation I seriously need a goal race....prob is there are few during the Winter months around here...I really need to breakthrough and commit to a specific race....I think I'm chicken!
  My feet, legs, quads are all a little tired from the workouts this week so a nice easy recovery run was the decision. 55 minutes at 5.0-5.6 mph with a total of 4.86 treadmiles. I am becoming almost obsessive with my diet! Learning the caloric and nutritional value of everything I eat, and watching the numbers closely.
  Last week I was on the run (errands and such) and had to grab some fast food (golden arches) man that stuff settled on my stomach like lead! Yuk!! Even tho the fries were great going down it just didn't seem like it was right?! I have to eat out a lot and it seems like it's just a load of c**p  everywhere you turn....I guess Subway wasn't so bad...or the Mexican place....anyway I am determined to get to the lowest possible weight I can and not eat junk in the process.
  I am already at 295 minutes on the TM this week with two more workouts slated. A GA run tomorrow and mile reps Saturday. Hope you are well! Peace!!

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DawnB said...

Always good to be training for something keep you motivated. I have to be honest with you I love MD burger & fries but very rarely there!!

Happy New Year to you Mark


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