Wednesday, December 28, 2011


  Today I felt sluggish....I shouldn't of had that cup of coffee yesterday afternoon! My body is very sensitive to any type of drug or medicine....However; my RHR is still around 54 bpm so I'm not overtraining.
  My plan today was to do 3.75 miles  of speed work. I did this by 8 X .25 miles, 7.9mph increasing each one by .1mph with a .25 rest @ 5-5.5mph. The 3 X .5 miles, 7.8mph increasing each one by .1mph with a .25 rest. Then to top it off I did an 1/8th mile @ 8.8mph. Wow! Hadn't moved the legs that fast in a while! Finished out at 80 minutes and 8.22 treadmiles.
  Funny....during the 1/2's I really felt I could hold on to it for a lot longer...I guess I am improving!? it is so hard to lose frustrating!! Well at least I'm losing...down almost 8 pounds!! I really am motivated to drop this is visible now in my waist and face....hope to drop at least 6 more!  Peace!!

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