Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recovery day

     I am afraid of something....I have been very diligent in my training on the treadmill and it has been very forgiving....I am afraid when I transition back to the roads that the tendinitis will flare back up...so...I must continue to work on eroding the fat!! The excess weight must be gone! Today I stayed true to my plan and did a recovery run. 5.0mph to 5.6mph...no faster! I just relaxed and worked on ease and form. I went for 70 minutes and covered 6.21 treadmiles. That's a total of 160 minutes already!!
  Tomorrow, if I feel good enough, is speed work day. Go Mark!!! I am starting to knock on 178 pounds!!! That will be 8lbs down!! It's been really hard during the holiday season to restrain....I have failed a few times, but the fat is burning off!!! Peace!!

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