Monday, December 26, 2011

There is a plan?!

  I am not doing all this exercise for nothing! I, for some reason, want to run another marathon! Last week I reached my goal of 350 minutes which translated into 34 treadmill miles. I have been treadmilling 6 days a week...I think I need to continue increasing time but also add another rest day. So today I treadmilled for 90 minutes. The Monday run is going to be the long run/progression run. Technically I am not in the long run territory yet but I will eventually arrive as I slowly increase.
  So at 17 minutes in I was at 6.3mph 1 degree incline. I held this pace until 55 minutes then bumped up .1mph every 11 minutes...finished at 90 minutes/9.31 treadmiles.
  I continue to watch the calories and am highly motivated to get the fat off! I am very close to 178!!! Peace!

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Anne said...

Happy New Year, Mark. May there be many more miles to record here in the year to come.


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