Friday, December 2, 2011

It is today!!

  One of the great principles of successful living is the principle of "today". A very simple yet often difficult principle to realize.
  How many people live in yesterday? I could of if I would of and I should of....or how many live in tomorrow....maybe...if...I hope....
  Here's a cool idea; put your worry into tomorrow and you'll never worry! Why? Because it's always today!
  I am a believer that today is what makes tomorrow. If you work hard you'll reap the benefits, and so on....we runners are fully aware of this principle.
  So "carpe diem!" Seize today! Do the best you can possibly do and know you did your best! Make today the day that changed everything! Be kind!
  I jumped on the mill and knocked out 60 minutes TODAY! I hit 6mph by the 10 minute mark then played around with speeds up to 6.7 was fun! My legs are feeling it though. I am excited about weigh in tomorrow...I just need to be careful in calorie consumption TODAY!
  We are going to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner, then swinging by the best ice cream joint in town! Yikes! Temptation!!! I think I will reward myself TODAY!
  Oh, I logged 114.5 treadmill miles last month! With only 4 off days! The tendons are great! So far the plan is working! I want to pile up today's for my vision of tomorrow! A fast 5K and a sub 4 hour marathon!!
   Hey, I'd like to see more followers on this me out! Peace!

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Marlene said...

It's so easy to get stuck in the past, or focus too much on the future... good reminder to live in the moment, before it becomes the past!


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