Friday, December 16, 2011

Recovery day

  So I feel okay, but man running was hard today! I wound up with what would be termed a recovery run. The slowest pace one could run! 48 minutes 4.13 treadmiles. I am in caloric deficit! I am hungry! This only eating three times a day is tough! Yet the plan is working as I am at a solid 179 pounds right now. That being halfway to my initial goal of 172.
  I have a tendency to take things to the extreme....I am highly motivated right now...hope I can hold on! I plan on a short session tomorrow...perhaps a one mile time trial....I wonder if I could hold a 7 min mile pace for a mile? It will depend on how I am feeling, if it's like today forget it! Oh well I have some exciting dinner plans tonight! Chinese!! Egg roll, crab rangoon, Sweet and sour Chicken...Oh yeah!! I am gonna take in some calories! Peace!!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Recovery runs are great, aren't they? I bet I could run slower than 4.13 miles in 48 minutes! :)

Enjoy dinner, sounds yummy!


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