Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mile time trial

  Well I felt fair today.....I finished out the week with 33 treadmiles and a weigh in at 179 pounds. I have at least 7 more pounds to go and man they are hard to get off! The fat pounds are like leeches! They stick on you and suck the life out of you!
  I wanted to do a mile time trial today so I did a good warm up and decided to try to hold 8.6 mph at 1 degree incline...that went well for a quarter mile then I knew I had to decrease or die! I began to decrease .1mph as necessary to hold on....I finished the mile in 7:21. I was hoping for a faster mile but it is what it is...must face reality. I decided to add in 2 quarter mile pick ups at 8.6 mph with a quarter rest in between. I think I just need some practice running at this pace.
  As I cooled down I though back to the day I set my 10K PR....a think that that average pace was faster than I can even run an all out mile now is slightly depressing. Facts are facts....I have slowed down significantly, however; If I can keep losing the weight I can get some of the speed back. In those days I was in the 160's too!
  They say for every pound you lose you can run 2 seconds per mile faster...
So it goes...Peace!

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Marlene said...

Well done on the time trial!

Keep working on those pounds, I know how hard it is!


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