Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day #3 week #7

  Well, so far my thinking has been right on target. I began my training plan at the end of start with 30 minutes of ez running on the treadmill and adding a minute every run. I have run everyday but Sundays, I haven't added a minute every day, though. I do a speed session on Saturdays and one cut down run day during the week.
  My objective is to lose 14 pounds. Today I have lost 5 to date and have a weigh in Saturday where I anticipate another pound off.
   It's very difficult to lose pounds when you aren't really overweight!? Yet I still have some to go....what's great about this is my Achilles tendons have not been buggin' me...I have logged 3hrs and 6 mins already this week and I am feeling great!
  The treadmill is much much easier on the body! No doubt! I know I will eventually have to transition to the roads but the 14 lb decrease ought to make the difference.
  Today an easy conversational pace, 63 minutes 6.36.treadmill miles.
 I will be out of the loop for a few days as I get to spend time with my Sons, Daughter-in-law and Grandson! Peace!


Johann said...

Stick to a plan and it always works. I know that feeling of dropping weight when you are not really over weight. Enjoy the time with your family!

Marlene said...

When you're relatively close to goal weight, it is EXTREMELY difficult to shed pounds. Congrats on losing 5!

Jill said...

Glad to hear the Achilles is cooperating and the weight is coming down! I need to be more disciplined with my weight loss....bleh!


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