Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treadmill PR

  62 minutes on the mill today....it is snowing and very cold outside today so it was perfect for an indoor run! I covered 6.59 treadmill miles in that time giving me my best pace speed average so far during this training program.
  I always start out with a walking warm-up @ 4mph for about 2 minutes, then I go to 5 mph for a minute or two, then I begin increasing as I feel...today I was at 6.2 mph at 14 minutes and I finished out at 6.9 mph. I am amazed at how my body is responding, especially at my age, so this should be encouraging to you youngsters! No heel pain! No Achilles tendinitis!! I am losing weight and getting stronger. Of course it is very difficult to abstain from food! We Americans take in way more calories than we need! I was telling Sandy how if we all managed out calories we would save so much food and money we could easily feed everyone in the world!
  Did you know that 32% of American kids are obese!!! Wow! Who am I to talk! I do love a buffet, but I haven't been to one in weeks!!!
  We hope you are well! Peace!

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Marlene said...

You're doing great!


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