Thursday, December 22, 2011


  I have read nearly every book on running in my years. I have quite a library! You'd think I'd figure it out! So I am trying to put it all together into a training plan that I can use on the treadmill and transition to the roads.
  My PRIMARY goal...I must hold to to lose pounds!!! I am down a solid 7 and have at least 7 to all reality I truly believe I ought to be in the 160's but 172 is my goal as of right now.
  So I need to maintain focus and not run into injury again. Today it was hard to do but I forced myself to run a "recovery" run. The pace is important. I held between 5.2 mph and 5.6 mph....running the majority of the 55 minutes at 5.6mph.
  This was an easy conversational pace and I really didn't feel any residual effect from the speed session yesterday.
  My goal this week is 350 treadmill minutes total. I am up to 265, leaving 85 minutes for two runs. Tomorrow will be a "general aerobic" run. I will probably run this at the top end which will be 6.2 or 6.3mph.
  Then Saturday will be a couple of 10K pace miles or faster...I think, kind of a tempo run.
   Well, I sure hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time. I look forward to seeing my youngest son, and am sad because the oldest and his family can't come home this year...but we have skype!!! I am conflicted about Christmas this year....I enjoy and rejoice in the reason for the celebration but not having the family together is a downer..... Peace!!

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Marlene said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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